Ask Lorpu: My cheating ex wants me back, what should I do?

Q. Lorpu I swear I can’t do this no more; I’m confused to the max.

First off, me and my man have been through a lot of ups and downs. He’s the sweetest guy that I’ve ever met! We really have genuine love for each other. But there is one problem girl, all through the relationship he has cheated so many times and with multiple females.

Lorpu when I tell you I fought for my man; I fought hard for him and stuck by his side, so now that I’ve given up, he tells me how he don’t want to lose me and he has changed. He deleted numbers from his phone, deleted his Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. He has been overwhelming me with love for the last 6 months, but I’m starting to loose interest. It seems like “aint no mo flame!”

Now he telling me I’m hurting him. Lorpu I love this man, but I’m so confused!!!!! MAN WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!! Please answer this one ASAP!!!!!!!! And I love the new picture girl!! I am a big fan of your stuff. One question you had, girl, it had me crying cause that one had been for me!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate you taking interest in my column. Unfortunately I have some heartbreaking news for my supporters. Due to the fact that I will be graduating, this will be my last Ask Lorpu column. It really saddens me as I love giving advice to my fellow SC State peers. I am very ardent about this column and want to thank God for having favor on my life and allowing Miss. Dervedia Thomas to have the confidence in me to give the students of this university superlative advice.

To my most recent editor and chief Mr. Jonathan White, I have so much buoyancy in your vision and I definitely believe Dervedia passed the position to the most deserving person. I love and will defiantly miss my Collegian family!!!!

Now, to my last advisee, I am the least bit concerned about this young man’s feelings due to the fact there is no way that I can call him a man.

I must say, you need to realize that you are also to be held accountable for allowing yourself to be a part of such a mess. I recognize when one is beyond a doubt in love with another individual, it proves almost detrimental to even consider being without that individual. Nevertheless, if at any time a relationship proves too taxing to ones sanity, I urge both parties to call it quits.

This is extremely crucial in your situation because it is apparent that this guy was not ready to be in a relationship at that time.

The Collegian