Zika Virus: Nigeria Issues Travel Restrictions To Latin America

It had detected 12 such cases a week ago.

Companies and scientists are racing to create a Zika vaccine as concern grows over the mosquito-borne virus that has been linked to severe birth defects and is spreading quickly through the Americas.
Former Health Minister Jose Oletta says the country normally sees 30 to 40 cases of Guillain-Barre a month and said the large number now indicates that Zika infections are far greater than the roughly 4,500 suspected cases than officials acknowledge. “For this reason the risk of Zika virus infection in Canada is considered very low”.
But he says Americans shouldn’t “get overly panicked” since there have been no transmissions of the disease within the United States.
Fauci said the Food and Drug Administration is looking into restricting those who can participate in donating blood due to the outbreak but he isn’t aware of any other major precautionary steps being prepared by the government, such as screening people at airports.
The woman consulted a doctor upon returning home and is now fully recovered, Arruda said.
Dr. Gregory Taylor said there have been four recent cases in Canada – two in British Columbia, one in Alberta and a newly disclosed case in Quebec, all of them involving people who recently travelled to affected areas.
Oxitec is now building a new “mosquito factory” that will give it the capacity to breed and release enough dud insects to cover an area with a population of 300,000.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is advising pregnant women to avoid travel in areas where Zika is active. “Pregnant women are strongly encouraged to consider postponing travel to Zika-affected countries while pregnant”.
Health Minister Altagracia Guzman warned on Friday that half a million people in the Dominican Republic could become infected if no preventive measures are taken. The baby was born with microcephaly, a neurological disorder that damaged his brain, a condition associated with an outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil.
Rousseff announced the offensive against the mosquito following a videoconference with five Brazilian state governors and six Cabinet members.
“The government, churches, football teams, labor unions… everyone must do their part to eliminate the breeding grounds”, she said.
In response to the growing concerns, Korea’s health ministry on Friday advised pregnant women against traveling to Central and South America.
According to the Star Online, Deputy Health Director Datuk Dr Lokman Halim Sulaiman yesterday said the ministry was monitoring the spread of the virus and believed that the disease could spread to Malaysia.
The Vietnamese health authority has warned people coming from countries with the Zika virus to monitor their health for 14 days and if they develop fever to report to medical facilities.
Officials from Brazil and worldwide health organizations are trying to determine if a widespread outbreak of the virus there is related to a seemingly sudden upswing in cases of birth defects.